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  • Ordering has never been easier with us! You can certainly place orders online or by emailing us. We also have a support team ready to assist you via live chat on our website or by contacting us at 0800-987-4038 or phone us at 0114-387-8038.
  • It's not as pricey as you imagine! Our handcrafted Custom Neon Signs are reasonably priced, and we offer excellent value! In addition to low costs, our knowledgeable staff provides unrivaled customer service from the design process through shipment and after-sales support.
  • The ordered custom neon lights
  • Remote & Dimmer (battery not included)
  • Set of screws
  • Transformer/ Cable/ Power Supply
  • It has three functions:
    1. Steady - maintaining the constant illumination level.
    2. Dim - lower the brightness of the light
    3. Flashing - dynamic speed adjustments.
  • Our Neon Signs are made of high-quality LED lights with fully protected acrylic material for the backing.

      We listed all the possible concerns of the customers. These are the differences between LED and Glass Neon:

  • Price: The LED neon signs are more affordable than Glass Neon Signs.
  • Quality: Both are good quality. However, the LED neon signs are flexible while the Glass neon signs are breakable glass.
  • Safeness: LED neon signs are low in voltage which is good for home decor since it stays cool to the hold while Glass neon signs are recommended for a house that has no kids. Glass neon signs are breakable that cause risk for kids.
  • Installation: LED neon signs are easy to install while Glass neon signs require a person to install since it is breakable and it contains neon gas with one small crack and the entire piece is broken.
  • Voltage Usage: the LED neon sign is low in energy usage with 24V/120V while the Glass neon sign is 3KV-18KV.
  • Maintenance: the LED neon sign is maintained free while the Glass neon sign needs an expert to clean and has very high maintenance costs.
  • Brightness: LED neon signs are brighter than Glass neon signs that produce a warmer light.
  • Interference: Glass neon sign will interfere with your Radio, TV, wifi, etc. while LED neon sign won't interfere.
  • Weight: the LED neon sign is lighter than the Glass neon sign due to the materials used. The LED neon sign used LED flex while the Glass neon sign used glass neon tubes.
  • Sound: Glass neon signs are known for their "buzzing sound" while on the other hand, LED neon signs are quiet.
  • Lifespan: LED neon signs can shine after approximately 50,000++ hours of use (depending on usage and maintenance) while Glass neon signs can shine after approximately 10,000 hours of use.
  • These are the advantages:
    1. Affordable
    2. Flexible
    3. Low power usage
    4. Easy to install
    5. Lightweight
    6. No buzzing sound
    7. Brighter color
    8. Long-lasting (up to 50,000++ hrs.)
  • This is the disadvantage:
    Addictive in a way that you want your entire room decorated with awesome fabulous customized neon signs.

    The above information is your reference to buying a LED neon sign. As you can see, LED neon signs are perfect for your home either inside or outside.

What are the backboard options?

  • ACRYLIC BACKING - This material can be shaped depending on the artwork at your preference. This also helps to easily hang or mount the neon signs.
    These are the Acrylic backboard options:
    1. Cut to Rectangle - The backboard will be cut rectangularly like a frame (can be a horizontal or vertical rectangle).
    2. Cut to Shape - The backboard will be shaped in line with the letters; can be a circle, oval, octagon, curve, and such.
    3. Cut to Letter - The backboard will closely follow the pattern of the preferred font size and style.
    4. No Backboard 
  • We offer 18 different kinds of colors for neon signs.

    These are the colors at no extra cost:
    • Warm White
    • White
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Light Yellow
    • Orange
    • Light Red
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Hot Pink
    • Light Pink
    • Purple
    • Deep Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Ice Blue
    • Light Purple
    • Green
    • Light Green
    • Static Multi-Color (with additional cost)
    • Note: 7 vibrant colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Ice Blue, and Purple
    • Multi-Color (with additional cost)
    • Note:
      Brighten up the mood and turn the celebration to the next level with this truly fancy decor with this All-in-one color! Comes with remote control with a switching ability to select your color reference for the day depending on your mood.
  • Neon signs are perfect for home decor. It is made of LED flex and it has no glass in our neon signs. In advantages, it stated that it won't overheat and it is low in power usage. Also, our neon signs are affordable and of good quality. So, there is no reason to be afraid of it. Kids are safe as well.
  • Your sign is similar to a magnificent artwork, but it is much easier to display to let everyone see its beauty!

    Here are your options:
    1. Mounting
      The screw set customized for your sign will be included in your shipment. This will make it possible for you to quickly install your sign to the wall. You may specify how many holes and screws you want on your Neon Sign and where it will be, or if you want it DIY, you can advise us to put none at all!
    2. Hanging
      You may also want it on your ceiling. Simply request for it, and we will do the necessary preparations on your Neon Sign. We will make sure that it will be safe and easy for you to install. Plus, we will supply you with the suspension rope for your convenience!
    3. 3M Stripes
      This is a durable adhesive. Here's a quick guide for you:
         a.Strips should be separated. Remove one of the green liners and push it onto the sign's backside.
         b.Place a second strip on top of the first one and press until they both connect. Do it again with all of the bands.
         c.For 30 seconds to a minute, press each side of the sign firmly against the wall.
      And you'll have a lively Neon Sign; never have to endure a boring wall again!
    4. Stand
      If you only want to place it on a stand, drop us an email at sales@neonsignsnow.co.uk and we'll give you the best we have!

    Our Neon signs are made according to customers' plans of their use and purpose. We can make your customized signages for indoors and outdoors.
  • For Indoor Use Only - Neon Light Arts and Signages that are for solely inside your rooms, house, and/or establishments. These are not weather-resistant but are durable enough when well-taken care of.
  • For Outdoor Use (Water Resistant) - Neon Light Arts and Signages that can be displayed outside homes and establishments. These are water-resistant but not weather and waterproof, which means proper and adequate shed from the sun and rain is still needed.
  • It is the SI unit of power, equivalent to one joule per second, corresponding to the power in an electric circuit in which the potential difference is one volt and the current one ampere.(Oxford Languages) In other words, wattage is the power produced or used per second.
  • A transformer is an electrical device that is crafted to convert voltage up or shift voltage down. Electrical transformers are non-moving devices that operate on the concept of magnetic induction.
  • The time it takes to manufacture your order in our production facility until it is ready for delivery is referred to as production time. The rate is calculated using working days from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).
  • Our Custom Neon Signs are handcrafted, each order requires a certain amount of time to complete. The maximum turnaround time is 2 weeks, and most clients receive their Custom Neon Signs order within 1 week.
  • Yes, we are open now for rush orders. We can mainly finish the order in 3 business days. However, please understand that once the order has been shipped, some transit delays are beyond our control. (customs clearance, sterilization, etc.)
  • We'll always have your back. Our Customer Service Representatives are available at all times to assist you. You can contact us via our website's live chat or by phone at 0800-987-4038 or phone us at 0114-387-8038.
  • We cherish our clients' requirements and do everything we can to satisfy them. However, if there is a problem with the order, kindly reach out to us via email (sales@neonsignsnow.co.uk), through our website's live chat, and/or by phone at 0113-521-4938 or 0808-168-6854. We'll perform an assessment right away, and after we've determined that there was a manufacturing issue, we'll gladly replace your order, or the final resolution will be depending on the agreement of both parties. For further information, please read our Terms and condition, Returns, and Warranty Policy.
  • If you can't make your designs, no worries! We offer help for free via email. Just send us your thoughts via email at sales@neonsignsnow.co.uk
  • Indicate the Subject "Neon Inquiry" and let us know your thoughts and our professional designer will handle it.
  • Turn around time would take 24-48 hours.
  • Payment is accepted at the time of sale for all Custom Neon Signs bought through our website. You have the option of paying using PayPal or a major credit card.
  • Yes, in the Category "Create Your Own Custom Neon Sign"  you can include your image in your file. Images can be printed with our UV print Technique and other details will be neon.
  • All customized Neon Signs will be manufactured at our production site in China.
  • It's a rare issue in Neon Signs to have that kind of report. We make sure that we pack the orders properly and put extra protection to it. However, if it happens, these are the things you must do:

    If, for some reason, you think that the delivered product has defects/ arrived damaged/ broken, then please follow the steps below:
    1. Send images of the product and your order number along with a short description of your problem at sales@neonsignsnow.co.uk. Our sales representative will keep in touch with you within 24 hours.
    2. Call us directly at 0808-168-6854, and our sales representative will then review the issue. Upon verification of the mistake, we will reproduce your neon sign. Note that you will have 10 days from the date of delivery to file your complaint.

    Note that you only have 10 days from the date of delivery to file your complaint.
  • Neon Signs haven't experienced this kind of problem but If the package is lost, or delivered but not received, please contact the courier for assistance to file a claim and make an immediate action. There is a process to undergo to determine if the item is lost or stolen. We can identify this problem by checking delivery information. As we all know, receiving delivery requires a signature. Please call or email us at sales@neonsignsnow.co.uk to provide the order number and the claim or case number obtained from the courier. Our sales representative will keep in touch with you within 24 hours.
  • Yes, once you've finished a purchase, a confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your order is received. If it is an exact reorder, our staff will provide you with an e-proof email. We will not begin manufacturing until you have approved the final hot-cut design.
  • Yes, we will retain your artwork on file so that reordering is as quick and straightforward for you as possible. You can rest assured that it will only be used for that sole purpose.
  • Just a few clicks away! Simply attach it to your purchase and upload it to our website, and we'll take it from there. You may also send it to sales@neonsignsnow.co.uk with the purchase order number as the subject.
  • We highly suggest you provide a vector-based file in EPS, AI, or PDF format. If you have a raster image, such as a PSD, PNG, or JPG. We recommend sending the highest resolution file you have available.
  • We do not knowingly reproduce copyrighted material and we will not accept liability for such infringement when reproducing orders. You are solely responsible for ensuring the artwork you submit does not infringe on property rights by obtaining proper permission for the reproduction of logos, trademarks, and copyrighted material.
  • Please note that this illustration is only applicable for single-cut only. Big sizes are cut into separate neon pieces, and or neon is split -  these require a splitter or adapter to be connected together. If you are having an issue getting them connected or properly installed, please send us an email. These are case-to-case most of the neon signs are plug-and-play.
  • Option # 1
    If the RECEIVER is connected to the neon light cable and to the POWER ADAPTER
    • Will be able to control the neon lights using the remote controls. Functions such as steady, flashing, and dim will be available.
  • Option # 2
    The RECEIVER is not connected between the neon light cable and the power adapter. This only means that the neon light is DIRECTLY connected to the POWER ADAPTER.
    • will it work? YES
    • But remote control and other functions will not be working.
    • STEADY lights Only.

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